Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Yorkers and other species

Perhaps this goes without saying, but not all the New Yorkers who come to the Berkshires in the summertime frolic here like water buffalo in a koi pond.

Having said that, here’s a great anti-New Yorker joke that gets carted out around this time each year. It goes something like this: A group of New Yorkers goes to heaven and meets St. Peter at the Golden Gates. St. Peter doesn’t know what to do with so many people so he seeks God’s advice.

God says, “Well, what is the problem? Let them in, two at a time if you have to.” So St. Peter runs back to the gates. A few seconds later God hears St. Peter running back. “God, they’re gone!” he says. God says, “Who? The New Yorkers?” St. Peter says, “No, the Golden Gates!”

You get the drift.